Our Philosophy

Many practices only consider the disease and pain and treat using one method - medication. Unfortunately, this has many limitations over time.

At HealthState the practitioners treat your whole body and rather than only look at the disease, view your health as a dis-ease in your life.

Our Philosophy Dr Chris Rickson


Our Philosophy
  • Mind, Body, Spirit

    When assessing your health, we look at the entire picture. Your Mind (stressors, foods, factors that cause you distress and pain) Your Body (previous injuries as well as the ergonomic and biomechanical compensations from your work and lifestyle) Your Spirit (connection with self, nature and others).

  • Treat the cause of the problem

    At HealthState we aim to find the cause of your discomfort and pain rather than temporarily treating the symptoms. Stress and poor diet are two of the leading causes of dis-ease in your body that lead to pain.

  • A progressive approach

    HealthState follows all current legitimate medical research for the benefit of all our patients. We also follow a variety of holistic approaches from around the world and determine which is the best for your particular case. We follow your individual progress to ensure you get the very best outcome from your treatment and management.

A Whole Person Approach

When all components of your health are not in balance then sickness and pain manifest. In treating and talking to each patient about all the factors in their lives, they are able to comfortably, release the stored tensions and emotions in a supportive environment.

Our health practitioners

A team of health professionals with a whole-body approach to long-term health.

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    Dr Chris Rickson BCl.Sc.MH.


    Dr Chris Rickson (Osteopath) is the founder and director of HealthState Pty Ltd.

    Chris formally an acrobat, dancer and aerialist working around the world in Japan, China, United States and was also in the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

    Chris has university training in Psychology (Murdoch University) and Osteopathic Medicine and a Masters (Victoria university)

    Chris has lectured in anatomy for Victoria University St Albans campus and worked in the wet lab (Flinders Street Campus)
    Working both structurally and cranially Chris has studied Biodynamics for the last 8 years.

    Chris has also lectured for many mining companies in both biomechanics and ergonomics educating employees on how to use their bodies most effectively with minimal impact ensuring a happy and healthy body.

    Chris works with patients from pregnancy, babies through to the elderly and professional athletes.

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    Jaissen Henderson

    Massage Therapist


Treating you, as a person.

At HealthState we believe in providing a better level of service and care. And that starts with trust.

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Treating you, as a person.

HealthState is the most relaxing space I've ever been to. Their genuine interest in my health and well-being was such a pleasant surprise. I can't recommend them highly enough.


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