• Do you suffer from sports injuries?

    Our Osteopaths of Osteopathy at HealthState are here for you providing you with the proper training and advice. Typically RICE or Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate is the gold standard advice given for all acute injuries, though this varies from person to person.

    We recommend, maintaining your body with regular 'tune-ups' to ensure you can play any sport to the best of your bodies ability, and to assist with avoiding injury.

    Compensations from ergonomics, biomechanics and repetitive stress placed on certain parts of the body will result in pain and injury. However, if you regularly see your Osteopath many of these compensations can be dealt with to avoid you getting to that point.

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  • Some injuries may include;

    • Ankle sprains (proprio-receptive exercises are best to avoid this)

      Knee injuries (ensuring the entire kinetic chain from the hip to the ankle is working assists in preventing this)

    • Rotator cuff tears in the shoulder

      Acute Neck or Back strains

    • Hamstring strains

      Calf strains

    • Groin strains

      Wrist sprains

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Ensuring your injury is treated and managed immediately will in most cases avoid your injury becoming chronic which takes longer to manage. Make an appointment online today to get a full tune-up and ensure you avoid these nasty sports injuries, while enjoying thesports you love to play.

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