• Do you suffer from Neck pain?

    Given the technological age, and the fact that many of us live on our devices, daily for hours, we concur that the upper end of this estimate is more likely. Children before school age are presenting with neck issues, and an array of other conditions referring from the neck including headaches, eye problems and hearing problems just to name a few. Our Osteopaths of Osteopathic love treating neck pain, and the causes are numerous.

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  • Some of the conditions we treat include;

    • Osteoarthritis

      Cervical neck strain

    • Whiplash

      Other Arthritis’

    • Facet sprains


    • Discal Irritations

      Movement restrictions

    • Jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction

      Headaches – All forms

    • Dizziness, light-headedness


    • Traumatic and Non Traumatic Neck Pain


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With a full examination and assessment, using an array of Osteopathic treatment techniques, our Osteopaths will get to the source of your neck pain and get you back on track. We also assess your tech usage, ergonomics, biomechanics, any visual or auditory component of your neck pain and provide you with an array of stretches and strength exercises to get you back to a "normal" pain free life. Where appropriate we can also send you for imaging or to a specialist if required.

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