2020 Working From Home
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2020 Working From Home

2020 has educated us on many things. Hygiene, social distancing and working from home.

When working from home you must always consider your body and the way you use it, along with ergonomics and the best position for your body and your computer and mouse to avoid injury.

Some tips include

  • Sitting with your knees slightly bent and lower than your hips
  • Your feet must be flat on the floor to avoid slumping
  • Your sitting bone and buttocks must be firmly on the seat and your low back should have slight lumbar support
  • When sitting your computer must be at eye height or slightly below in a natural line
  • You may lean slightly back and relax into your chair. Ensure your feet are flat on the ground
  • Computer, mouse and keyboard must be close to your body around 20cm away
  • Your elbows are bent and gently rested beside your body or slightly above the table

Many of you are using sit down and standing desks. These are great, however the same rules apply. Use it or lose it. Meaning don’t sit or stand for longer than 30 minutes at a time before doing a gentle stretch or moving around.

In larger corporations you may have a HR or ergonomist to assist you. Please utilise these people to ensure your body stays at its best.

For an Osteopath appointment or to revise some of your ergonomics book online at www.healthstate.com.au or call 0404001172