Biodynamics Cranial Treatment

Biodynamics Cranial Treatment

For many patients general Osteopathic tissue like soft tissue and manipulation may be too heavy for them. This is where Biodynamics or Cranial Sacral Therapy shines.

Biodynamics is a non-invasive relaxing treatment whereby the patient is asked to clear their mind and rest for a while. The practitioner places their hands gently on the patient and may gently move to different areas of your body where the treatment proceeds. Deep sleep and snoring are considered a compliment to the practitioner.

In todays high tech world we are all in a constant state of stress. While Yoga, Meditation and other relaxation techniques are very effective for some, others find it very challenging to clear their mind.

Biodynamic practitioners aid the patient in helping them clear their mind, allowing their body to rest in a deep state not unlike meditation where the body is more able to heal itself. It utilizes the embryological links and developmental stages of life so this rest and healing may occur.

Biodynamics or Cranial Therapy is helpful for all health conditions and especially useful for those patients young or old that, do not like or are not able to be manipulated or treated in a structural manner.

Osteopathy and Biodynamics is particularly useful for Migraines, Headaches, Newborns with complicated births, the elderly or anyone with a chronic injury or illness that is not responding to conventional Western Medical Treatments.

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