Childs Play

Childs Play

Simple tips to bring your child back to Health and Respect.

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.

Mother Teresa

Children are spontaneous - well they were until computers, television, phones, games and Facebook. Now most of them are irritated slugs from a lazy, artificial world. Twenty years ago kids ran in the street, walked to school, made their own lunch, were disciplined, did the ironing, made the most of mother nature and played outdoors in the dirt which helped in building their immune system naturally, or was that just me?

Parents are working more these days to earn money, spending less time with their children, buying them expensive gifts in replacement for their time. The fact is you are a rat in a maze. If you worked less and spent more quality time outdoors with your kids you would find them to be more balanced, healthy, responsive to your needs and financially in the same place. The expensive gifts like iPhones would be replaced with your time, television would be replaced with growing a vegetable garden, and with the reduction of time on Facebook you will find your kids less irritated as they are not getting bullied, or bullying other kids as much. You are able to monitor and connect more with your children as well as form good relationships of trust and communication, as opposed to leaving them in the world of violence, pornography and addiction, which has taken over the Internet.

It’s not that hard, remember you are the one that decided to become a parent, so its time for you to grow up yourself, take responsibility, watch how you communicate with them and set a good example for what is best for your children. In the process you will inevitably make changes in yourself to achieve this, as they wont listen to a hypocrite. Research proves kids don’t stop developing until mid 20s and by that time they already have addictions of sex, alcohol, drugs and bad food habits, combined with hormonal changes, learned violent and bad behaviour from advertising, games and television, so its not surprising their mental health is suffering. Teach them good acceptable human behaviour, work ethics and avoid becoming another statistic. The alternative is continue on your current path and prepared to get placed into a nursing home by a child with no respect for you, addictive habits and nothing to say to you.

I want you to be concerned about your next-door neighbour. Do you know your next-door neighbour?

Mother Teresa

Every one knows a lot of us are lazy and fat. Statistics prove it with over 60% of Australian population overweight or obese, and if you are fat as a kid you are most likely going to be fat as an adult. You know the consequences - Musculoskeletal problems, Heart disease, Cancer, Sleep apnoea, Diabetes, Hypertension and Death.

We have amazing supermarkets and fast food chains where you can get everything so you don’t need to grow and harvest your own food. As convenient as it is, it is killing you and your kids. To keep up the supply for your demand, most of the food is artificial, preserved, chemical, genetic engineered and mass produced to make billion dollar profits.

Its not about your nutrition its about money. They don’t care about your health, and neither do you if you buy their food. In addition you don’t exercise so your body just shuts down and then an array of health problems and diseases occur.

Use it or lose it. No exercise means no circulation, no toxin removal, no oxygen, no energy, no fluid in your joints and no chance of avoiding arthritis, low back disc problems, heart and liver problems and disease.

There are numerous weight loss programs on the market, choose the one that sits well for you and has the best success rates. Other tips include drinking water before eating, positive thinking, add a bounce to your walk, dare yourself to push further, stop eating anything with artificial sweeteners in.

We know that once a child is overweight or obese it is unlikely that they will revert to a healthy weight, and they also suffer an increased number of health conditions. Other Australian studies found girls in a single parent family were at higher risk of being overweight and watched more television and a Queensland study found for every hour of television watched after the age of 25, the average human lifespan drops by 22 minutes.

Do yourself and your family a favour and make some simple changes that will change the way you live.
Live life and be happy.

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