Depression and Mental Health

Depression and Mental Health

We all know that Mental Health has risen and is a major epidemic in Australia and around the world.

The number of people on medication for stress, anxiety, depression, and an array of mental health illness is alarming with statistics predicting only to increase exponentially in the future.

You cannot deny “we are facing an epidemic of chronic disease, which is equivalent to the epidemic of infectious diseases that we faced in the pre-antibiotic, pre-hygiene eras.”

There are numerous forms of treatments for depression including medications, psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, alternative natural therapies and the list goes on. In most cases treatment for depression is ongoing for years, and research shows that the placebo effect of taking the medication is sometimes more effective than the medication itself, not to mention the numerous side effects.

A combined medical management approach tailored to the individual, as in most health conditions has the highest success rate. Ensuring you find and treat the cause of the depression and chemical imbalances in your brain as opposed to just balancing the chemicals which is only a short term fix.

You would be surprised at how poor breathing from stress/posture/ergonomics, lifestyle habits, diet, lack of exercise, psychological or a combination all factors must be considered and combined with counter behaviours of positive thinking and reinforcement alongside a good diet, regular exercise, good sleep patterns and medication (natural or pharmaceutical) to reinstate the natural serotonin chemical production.

Did you know that serotonin receptors “the happy hormone” are 90% found in the GUT? You can take all the medications in the world, but if your GUT health is not working properly then you “head space” isn’t either. Try a colonic hydrotherapy session and a good probiotic with at least a dozen strains.

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Disclaimer: The content of this blog is informative only and is my opinion. It does not constitute medical advice. Always consult your GP or medical specialist before changing or coming off any medication.