Home Duties and Osteopathy

Home Duties and Osteopathy

Every Mother or Father whose main job is home duties will tell you it’s a job that never ends. From first thing in the morning your preparing breakfast, then lunches, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, doing the washing, drying, hanging the washing, carry the shopping in, getting the kids out of the car, cleaning the house again, dealing with screaming kids..

Oh and then there’s the part time job. By the end of the day, well your pretty much exhausted. Then the same thing happens tomorrow, then the next day, and the day after…. Is there ever a break? Simple answer most of you will give is, No!

With all the home duties and other tasks you do every day, many of them are repetitive actions, and these can lead to muscle strains, joint sprains, your backs out, you have a headache… does the work stop? No

We speak to Dr Chris Rickson (Osteopath) from HealthState about simple things you can do to minimise the stresses that are placed on your body each day, with some basic things to minimise or prevent these injuries occurring.

“Every ones body is different, but most people have a dominant side which they tend to favour each day. For example you carry a heavy handbag on one side, then the other side over time builds up more muscle to keep your body upright while your carrying it. Over time these muscles can get so tired they, either strain, compress a nerve or just give up, and you are left with pain. “

“I recommend to all patients to have about 8 Osteopathic treatments a year, like tuning up your car, to ensure everything is in working order. It’s quite simple, if something is tight then relax it, if something is weak then strengthen it. If you leave it to the point of seeing someone when you have pain, it usually is the body giving up and this takes a lot longer to treat and heal“

So what are some other simple things we can do help minimise these injuries to our body?

“ Breathing properly is essential and I say it time and time again. Next is being aware of your body. Are you putting too much weight on one leg when you walk? Take a walk and listen to the sound made by both feet, is it even or are you stomping on one side?

Next is to be aware of your every day ergonomics. Most people relate ergonomics or the way you use your body to the office setting. It should be applied to your whole life. The position you are in bed, on the couch, in the car, carrying the shopping, cleaning the floors. Is your body hunched over or twisted like a pretzel trying to do these activities? If so you are compensating and the best thing to do is stand tall, be aware of your posture, brace your core muscles, adjust that car seat and book an appointment to see your Osteopath.

In just a few sessions you can be back on track, have the education and tools you need to ensure you are aware of your body and the way you use it. Most often it’s the simple things in life that you do on a daily basis that can cause you trouble in the long term.”

For more information or to book online go to www.HealthState.com.au or contact 0404001172

Disclaimer: The content of this blog is informative only and is my opinion. It does not constitute medical advice. Always consult your GP or medical specialist before changing or coming off any medication.