Its Your Turn To Stetch
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Its Your Turn To Stetch

Many patients ask me why they have to stretch. My response is why do they service their car? So it doesn’t break down.

Every muscle in your body is designed to contract (as calcium goes into the cells) and relax (as magnesium goes into the cells). Most of us have and store lots of calcium in our body, but we are deficient in magnesium. Furthermore there is no magnesium in our Australian Soils and we don’t store it. Getting on a daily bioactivated magnesium is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind. Especially in 2020 with all the stress.

If you want the maximum contraction out of your muscles, you must ensure they can relax fully for them to contract better.

Stretching 5-10 minutes each day whether before exercise or just first thing in the morning will condition your muscles to reduce incidence of injury.

Fact – Stretching is painful we wont lie, but the benefits are huge. Be gentle with yourself and deep diaphragm breathing and relax into the stretch.
You know the motto “Move it or Lose it”

For more information on stretching visit our website and download the brochure. There are numerous stretches on there and p21-22 is a general stretch for everyone.
Slow and steady wins the race.

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