The Alternative of Health Care Not Sick Care

The Alternative of Health Care Not Sick Care

Everyone wants the best out of life. A great quality of life where you are healthy and happy, right?

You pay your private health care, and you want value for money to keep your body and mind working correctly.
We have a good health care system, don’t we?

Not according to my bookkeeper, Accountant and the Australian tax office. Otherwise, I would be able to claim all of my health care and gym memberships each year. Unfortunately, we are living in a sick care system. One that will get you better a little bit, but not enough so you don’t require more medications and treatments as this would not be profitable.

Your health is not profitable; your sickness is very profitable.

Billions of people around the world have different opinions on what is the correct medical care. The Chinese have a completely different philosophy than the Western World when it comes to medical treatment, as do the Indians and many other races including the Indigenous cultures of each country around the world. Even in the western cultures, millions of people go straight to their doctor, whilst millions go to alternative doctors.

So who is right? Which is the best treatment as it can get so confusing. All you really want is to get better right? Being pain free with a stable mind is what we all want isn’t it?

In my opinion and in many research papers a multi modal approach proves the best results. Getting a variety of opinions and treatment modalities is your best chance of health.

But how do you know what works and what does not? Many of you think that getting treatment is taking a drug. This is not the case, as even having a cup of tea or coffee is taking a drug, or getting a massage to reduce your stress can be equally beneficial if your issues are just stress and muscular pain.

Every piece of food you place in your mouth also has a variety of different chemicals and preservatives that are also medicines. Your food can even interact with your medication if you are not careful. With some medications you cannot even have grapefruit juice as this will interfere with your drug and may cause serious reactions. That is why in America the FDA – food and drug administration controls both foods and drugs. This is a pure admission that your food is your drug.

Remembering that every drug comes from a natural source, and is either sold naturally or synthesized and made into something else. Even though there are more drugs than I can count, there are always side effects, contra indications and interactions if you are taking more than one medication.

If you are currently taking one or more western medications and are looking at combining them with an alternative medication, seeking the correct medical advice from the doctor that prescribed it to you in the first place, and also a second opinion from the pharmacist that gives it to you is highly advised. You can also speak to the alternative health practitioner like an Osteopath who are trained in both pharmacology and alternative medicines or a Naturopath specializing in natural medicines about what you are looking to take to see if it can be taken with your current medications.

Medications are not lollies or sweets and have a huge impact on your body and mind. If you just want to try an alternative make sure you know what you are taking as your liver or kidneys which process a lot of these drugs do not discriminate, they will shut down if they are not happy.

In today’s day and age certain medical fields are getting stronger, whilst others are finding the punch of the big corporations and regulatory bodies. Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been slammed in western culture of late, yet thrives in China and other Asian countries. Other alternatives like homeopathy, naturopathy, reflexology and even chiropractic are feeling the power of politics, bureaucracy and legislation in this ever advancing technological and research based medical model.

The reasoning stems from lack of research into these fields, which has its merit but who pays for this research and is it always independent and not biased or is it driven by profit?

Given most drugs come from nature, and the majority of side effects and deaths come from registered legitimate medications, so how are the natural alternatives so dangerous? As many scientists state, there are major dangers in the use of unproven complementary medicines, but what happens if the ones that are getting prescribing have the major side effects?

Some of the medical websites are highlighting these alarming statistics. Millions of people all over the world each year are suffering and dying from adverse drug reactions, medical error, bedsores, infection whilst being in hospital, unnecessary procedures and surgery errors to name a few. There are actually more people that die from complications of being in hospital than being hit by a car. The cost of this goes into the billions of dollars each year for human error, cross infection, lack of time and care, and these will continue to rise.

It would be nice to think there will be a time where all complimentary and pharmaceutical medicines will be challenged and integrated so all medicines have the same research protocols. I believe it will inevitably come down to money and profit, not your health, as you are not profitable if you are healthy, only when you are sick.

It is becoming seemingly more evident through that the natural medicines some cultures have used for thousands of years without too many side effects of deaths are re-finding their place around the world. If what the large corporations claim that these alternatives do not work, then how did China and India become two of the largest cultures in the world. If there medicines didn’t work wouldn’t they be dead? And what about the indigenous cultures? How have they survived without antibiotics up until now?

Keep your mind open life lovers and do your own research to ensure you live a happy and healthy life.

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive

Albert Einstein

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Disclaimer: The content of this blog is informative only and is my opinion. It does not constitute medical advice. Always consult your GP or medical specialist before changing or coming off any medication.