• What is Lymphoedema?

    PRIMARY Lymphoedema is an inherited condition and includes Lipoedema and Milroys Disease. Anyone can have this condition; they are born with it.

    SECONDARY Lymphoedema manifests due to another condition in the body causing it. The lymph fluid builds up and causes the swelling you can see and feel because the pathway back to the heart is blocked.

    - Approximately 1 in 5 cancer suffers who have had radiation to the lymph node areas, or lymph nodes removed can develop Lymphoedema.

    - Decreased mobility often contributes to Lymphoedema problems and can sometimes be the primary cause.

    - Obesity can also contribute to, or cause Lymphoedema.

    - Scars from surgeries and traumas can sometimes damage or restrict lymphatic vessels which in turn causes the build-up of lymph fluid.

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    What is Lymphoedema?
  • Do you suffer from:

    • Lymphoedema

    • Lipoedema

    • Compression Garments

    • Compression Bandages

    • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

    • Side affects of Cancer Treatments

    • Cording, restricted shoulder movement

    • Want to learn how to self-manage your condition

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    Do you suffer from:
  • How can lymphodema treatment help me?

    • Reduce swelling

      Reduced pain

    • Self-management

      Increase quality of life

    • Aesthetic purposes

      Emotional support

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    How can lymphodema treatment help me?

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