• What are Core Stabilisers?

    Muscles that help stabilise the body and pelvis in everyday activity. They turn on before the other muscles work and stay on to help you move. Because they are turned on a lot, they only contract at a lower level of about 30%, so they don’t get too tired. They work together like an ice cream container (the lid needs to be on for the container to be stable, if the lid comes off then the container moves around).

    Core Stabilizers

    What if they don't work?

    - If your core stabilisers don’t work properly, then the joints and surrounding muscles can become loose, tight, weak or not work optimally and become unstable causing pain.

    - Other muscles have to work harder because these smaller muscles are not working

    - The larger muscles get tired a lot faster and over time can cause chronic pain and injury.

    - Your goal is to hold these exercises for 1 minute; then these muscles are working automatically.

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