• Osteopaths treat more than you think!

    • Acute and Chronic Pain Injuries

      Low energy

    • Acute neck strain


    • Adhesive Capsulitis

      Muscle Strains/Tears

    • Arthritis

      Nerve pain and sciatica

    • Asthma

      Patellofemoral pain

    • Backache

      Pelvic asymmetry

    • Carpal tunnel syndrome

      Postural problems

    • Constipation


    • Disc problems

      Repetitive stress injury

    • Fibromyalgia

      Respiratory and Sinus Conditions

    • Gastrointestinal Conditions


    • General Pain and Discomfort


    • Whiplash

      Shin splints

    • Gynaecological dysfunction

      Shoulder injury

    • Headaches

      Sports Injuries

    • Heel pain


    • Joint Sprains

      Tennis elbow

    Osteopaths Treat

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