• Osteopathy and Ergonomics

    Ergonomics is basically Applied Biomechanics – the science of matching the job to the worker and the product to the user. It is the scientific study of human work. Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of the body using methods of mechanics.

    The term was said to be coined by British scientists in WWII who were working on making weapons easier to use so as to improve soldiers’ fighting efficiency, however, the study of work injury was first recognised by Bernardini Ramazzini in 1713 whose research explored the idea that work could be a cause of ill-health. He looked at injuries in clerks concluding constant sitting, repetitive stress on the hand and the stress in the mind were the cause.

    Types of work-related injuries

    All work has a risk of injury, whether, it be a postural strain from sitting all day, muscular strain from lifting incorrectly or repetitive stress injuries from typing or machine operations like in the mining industry.

    Ergonomics in your Personal Life

    - The position and type of bed you sleep in

    - The type of pillow you use

    - The position of your car seat and mirror

    - Your computer height and chair design at work

    - Repeated movements you do every day

    - The position you lay on your couch while watching television

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